5 reasons why crying is good for you

5 reasons why crying is good for you

benefits of crying

The grieving process is a time filled with mixed feelings paired with confusion. You may ask yourself a lot of questions during this time and experience a roller coaster of emotions. Everyone deals with grief and loss in their own way. For many of us, the grieving journey is filled with tears. But why is crying seen as a weakness when it can have such a positive impact on you? Crying is an important part of being a human. Here are 5 reasons why crying is good for you.

Allows you to express pain and emotion

Crying in a natural painkiller as it allows you to express feelings in response to a strong emotion. It gives you the ability to explore these feelings and work towards a better understanding of your body, mind, and soul. After you cry you may feel more in touch with yourself, which can help you express yourself better.

Improves your mood

Crying releases endorphin which is known as a feel good chemical. As tears leave your body, it improves your mood. As crying is a response to a strong emotion it helps release built up feelings and can feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders, which then improves your mood. These tears provides emotionally release.

Washes toxins and negativity from your body

The tears literally wash the toxins and negativity out of your body. It relaxes you, as you feel the toxins disappear, almost like crying is a natural therapy.

Helps to lower your stress level and blood pressure

Crying releases toxins that can improve your mood but also release other chemicals that have built up due to stress. Crying will help lower your stress level and give a sense of relieve. Suppressing your tears can lead to many problems over time; such as increase stress which can result in high blood pressure and heart problems.

Gives surrounding support

Crying is actually a non-verbal way for asking for love and support. Communities form in times of sadness and tears. Expressing yourself to others enables a sense of community. Many people prefer to cry in a private space, which is fine. If you find yourself in tears in public, don’t feel ashamed. Embrace the feelings and the people around you there for support.

Crying is a sign of courage, strength, and authenticity. Crying is a natural activity and good for your body and mind. Cry wherever and whenever you feel like you need to. Your body will thank you.

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