Coordinate bracelet and keychain set




This custom coordinate cuff bracelet and keychain set is hand stamped to that special you want to remember and keep close to your heart.

Each piece is handstamped and made to order. Customize with any name, date, or symbol you like. The perfect gift for yourself or a friend.


Name: Coordinate Set
Size of cuff charm: 0.5 x 8 cm
Charm metal: Aluminum
Bracelet chain: Sterling silver
Clasp: Sterling silver
Size of keychain charm: 1 x 3 cm
Charm metal: Aluminum
Metal ring: Iron

* Character limit: 25 – if you are considering symbols as well, you should count them as 2 characters.
* Character limit for the keychain charm: 11 characters per line. 2 lines maximum. Symbols should be counted as 2 characters.

This listing is for one custom cuff bracelet and one custom keychain. If you are interested in purchasing multiple pieces, feel free to contact me for a family order discount.


Please leave a note at checkout or send me a message with the details for the customization. If you are unsure your text will work for the piece, please confirm it with me before purchasing.


Please provide the measurement of your wrist for the bracelet. You can wrap a piece of string around your wrist then measure that on a ruler for an accurate size. This bracelet has a 1/2″ adjustable section which enables securing the bracelet on your wrist easily.

Below are average & recommended sizes (but please provide a size as accurate as possible):
Petite: 5.5 inches
Small: 6.5 inches
Average: 7.5 inches
Large: 8 inches


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Please contact me if you are interested in a different design to receive a quote.


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  1. Perfect gift to commemorate a special place!

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