Actual Paw Print Pocket Stone




This pocket stone is created using your pet’s actual paw print – with the surface carved around the shape of their toes, you will feel like you are holding their paw.


Name: Paw Print Pocket Stone
Size of pendant: 1.5″ x 1.25″ (scaled version)
Material: Resin mixture

*Paw Print Pocket Stone pictured is the scaled version measuring at 1.5″

This listing is for one custom pocket stone. If you are interested in purchasing multiple pieces, feel free to contact me for a family order discount.

Looking for the same idea but created with their hair or ashes instead? Check it out here.

Maybe you are interested in having a digital paw print of your pet’s actual paw? Check it out here.


If you have select to have your pet’s paw print created to the actual size, please send a photo of their paw next to a ruler or make your selection based on the size guidelines below to similar breeds.

Tiny (1″) – Teacup poodle

xxSmall (1.5″) – Yorkie

xSmall (2″) – Dachshund

Small (2.5″) – Beagle

Medium (3″) – Cocker Spaniel

Large (4″) – Labrador

xLarge (5″) – Bernese

Use the drop-down menu to select the size of the paw print pocket stone you would like. If you would like a scaled down/up version of your pet’s paw print, please select the 1.5″ option.


Please email me a photo of your pet’s paw, a photo of an ink pad print, or a photo of a clay paw print impression.

Please let me know if you would like your pocket stone created with or without the nail markings. Allow 2 – 4 weeks for your piece to be completed as their actual paw print is embedded inside the piece (it doesn’t just sit on the surface).


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Please contact me if you are interested in a different design to receive a quote.


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